A little bit about this crazy lady…

I’m now 40 years old, and I’m a mom to two wild yet fantastically fun little girls, I just wrapped up my career as a grad student, and I guess I’m also a triathlete now!!


I became enamored with the notion of “ironmom” a few years back after reading a blog where the author described herself using that term – a mom who includes iron-distance triathlon events in her life.  And all I could think was: I want that to be me.

(because, you know, I was raising two little girls and trying to finish grad school – my plate wasn’t full enough already)



But how would I get there? Considering I could barely run the dishwasher, let alone run a marathon AFTER the bike and swim, it seemed like a long shot…

(ok, that’s not really true. I’ve never really been a couch potato – but I did put on baby weight, and combined with moving steadily towards middle age I was starting to feel like I was no longer active and fit the way I’d like to be)

Since I’ve always been one to listen to reason (sarcastic smile and a wink), I (slowly) started training and many of the other crazy things that triathletes do.  It certainly has been a trip so far – and I’ve got a long way left to go.

At this point, I’ve just finished my first Ironman – IM Canada on July 24th, 2016.  And there are lots more adventures to come!

(and I still can’t run the dishwasher 😉 )





3 thoughts on “A little bit about this crazy lady…

  1. As a fellow triathlete I can sympathize with you. I started when I was 48, 310 pounds. Cancer survivor. Throat damage which made breathing, let along swimming and breathing, difficult. We are crazy, but it’s a good crazy. I am still Fat, still Slow, still a mess of medical issues, but after 5 70.3’s, a marathon, too many to count sprints, and a dozen half marathon’s, I am still out there. I embrace the Back of the Pack.

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